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Why Trust Your Savings with Us?

The bonds world can be a confusing place to navigate. For successful fixed-income investing, you have to do much more than just dabble in mutual funds. By working with our network of providers, we can give you a birds-eye-view of the bond landscape so you can navigate markets on your own.

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Each of our service providers is authorized by the FCA and able to conduct business throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. In addition, our providers are regulated and you can check out their services on the FCA register.

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Are you ready to start bringing in a second income? Want to feel confident about managing your portfolio? Let us simplify how you decide on stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

Data Research

Advance your knowledge of investment strategies by getting an in-depth look at how pro analysts manage risk and changes to stock price changes. Learn how to determine the right time to buy, sell, or hold.

Learn More About Fixed Income & Bonds

With a fixed-income investment, you typically have a fixed schedule for paying returns. However, the payment amounts can vary. An individual bond is the most common form of fixed income security. There are also ETF’s, bond funds, CS’s, and money market funds.

We Pinpoint Opportunities Through Research

Our advisors can help you enhance your portfolio by analyzing local markets and bond issuers. We look at macroeconomic and thematic data along with social, environmental, and governance analysis. This information allows us to tailor your portfolio to the market environment.

Are you looking to target the returns of a market index, cash, or match or exceed your liabilities? Our experts can design solutions to help you achieve your goals.

We make it a point to communicate closely with our investee companies. The information we gather from them is combined with insights from our analysts and investment team. The result is a comprehensive outline of each bond issuer, which we use as a comparison tool.

Successful Strategies for Bond Investing

Because money market funds aren’t currently yielding anything, many investors are opting for short-term bond funds as a means of boosting savings. These investors need to understand that short-term bond funds are riskier and can’t always act as a substitute for a money market fund.

Typically, short-term bond funds invest in bonds that mature very quickly (one to three years). A quick maturity results in a lower interest rate risk than intermediate or long-term bond funds. This means the principal value of the fund is less likely to drop due to rising interest rates. However, even conservative short-term bond funds will carry with them some fluctuation in the share price.

Due to the lower risk of short-term bond funds, they can be used by investors as a way to yield more than money market funds. Yes, when it comes to fixed-income investing, money market funds carry the lowest risk. However, short-term funds are considered to have a better balance of risk vs. reward potential.