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Before you start using Stock Investing Info websites (“site” and/or “service) provided by the Stock Investing Info (“our”, “us”, “we”), please carefully read through the following terms and conditions (“terms of service”, “terms”). These site terms of service are provided to you in full. Take your time to understand them completely before accessing this site. We would kindly ask that you refrain from using the site if you cannot accept these terms as detailed. Continued use of our site is implicit confirmation of your ongoing acceptance of the provided terms. 

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The services we provide to you are subjected to the following conditions covered in the document. Each time you access the site or use its associated services, you’re agreeing to adhere to these conditions. For this reason, we strongly advise you to read through them thoroughly. 

Privacy Policy

In addition, we recommend you to read the site’s privacy policy with regards to the collection of user data if you continue to use our site. It’s the best way to understand our methods and practices. 


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Most communication performed with us is conducted in electronic format. Each time you visit the site or email us, this is considered communication with us. You are consenting to the reception of communications from us. You will receive ongoing and consistent emails directly to your inbox if you decide to join our voluntary newsletter. This communication is continuous as we reach out to you through news postings, posting site notices, and via email. You agree that any agreements, disclosures, notices, and other forms of communication provided to you on our behalf meet legal standards that these communications are in writing. Please send an email to info@stockinvesterinfo.com if you no longer wish to remain as a recipient of the newsletter. 

Applicable Law

When visiting our site, you are agreeing that European Union laws govern these terms of use (with no regard paid to conflict laws) or other disputes that might arise between you and Stock Investing Info or our associates and partners. 

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You are granted a limited license for the purpose of accessing the site and making use of it for personal reasons. It’s not permitted to modify or download it. Only through written consent provided by Stock Investing Info would this be possible. 

User Data

For the primary purpose of increasing and maintaining site performance, Stock Investing Info maintains some data transmitted by users, in addition to data regarding your site usage. Even though there are routine data backups performed on the site, users maintain sole responsibility for all data transmitted on the site and for all data related to any activities undertaken when using our site. Users agree that Stock Investing Info should not carry any liability for any corruption or loss of any data, and, as a result, you waive all rights of action against Stock Investing Info that might arise from any such corruption or loss of data.

Interruptions and Modifications

Stock Investing Info maintains the right to remove, modify, or change Service contents for any reason and at any time without notice. Also, we are under no obligation to keep information on the Service up-to-date. We won’t hold any liability to any third party or you for any discontinuance, suspension, or modification of our Service. Stock Investing Info cannot provide a guarantee that the products and services will remain accessible at all times. There may be problems with the software, hardware, or other components or a need to conduct maintenance associated with the Services that result in errors, delays, or interruptions. Without providing notification to you, we maintain the right to modify, discontinue, suspend, update, revise, or change the Services for any reason and at any time. You are in agreement that Stock Investing Info has no liability at all for any inconvenience, damage, or loss resulting from your inability to use or access the Services during any discontinuance or downtime of the Services. Nothing within these terms will be understood to require us to support and maintain the Service or to provide any releases, updates, or corrections therewith. 


You may find information within the Service containing omissions, inaccuracies, or typographical errors. We maintain the right to fix any omissions, inaccuracies, or errors and to update or change the information at any time with no requirement to provide notice to you.

Limitations of Liability

There is no event in which our agents, employees, or directors are to be liable to any third party or to you for any punitive, special, incidental, exemplary, consequential, indirect, or direct damages including loss of data, lost revenue, lost profit, or any other damages resulting from your usage of the site. This still holds even when Stock Investing Info has been advised of the potential for such losses or damages. Our liability to any third party or you for any potential cause and with no regard to the type of action will always be exclusive to the lower amount to be paid, if there are any, by us to you. There are some laws that do not allow such limitations on warranties that are implied or the limitation or exclusion of other damages. Some or the entirety of the aforementioned limitations or disclaimers may be applied to you and some rights might be accorded to you. 


You are in agreement to indemnify, defend, and consider us, our affiliates, subsidiaries, and our respective employees, partners, and agents from and against any demand, claim, liability, damage, or loss, including attorney’s expenses and fees, paid for by any third party arising from (1) usage of the site, (2) breach of the Terms, (3) breaches of your warranties and representations as set forth above, (4) your transgression against the rights of third parties, included but not exclusive to intellectual property rights, or (5) any overtly harmful act directed towards another use of our Site to whom you connected with via our Site. We also maintain the right to seize the control and defense of all matters which you are demanded to indemnify us with. You also agree to work with us, on your payment, to defend any claims. Stock Investing Info will make a reasonable effort to make you aware of any possible proceeding, action, or claim. 


Any details found on our site do not create any part of a contract or specification. Although the information was all prepared in earnest, any and all such liability and responsibility are disclaimed by us. Users must inspect the accuracy of the given information on their own to determine its efficacy.

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When you submit personal details, you are agreeing to be reached by a single accredited financial partner with regards to financial services. Also, you are acknowledging that these Terms & Conditions have been read and understood by you.


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