Novavax’s COVID-19 Vaccine Gets $388 Million in Funding

On May 11, 2020, Novavax, Inc. announced that they will receive $384 million, in addition to the $4 million previously received, from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). This funding is to be used for advancing the clinical development of the Novavax coronavirus vaccine NVX-CoV2373. It is the largest single investment CEPI has made […]

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What Can Investors Expect From Dividend Cuts?

Companies of all sizes have to develop careful plans to protect their revenue streams and assets and to ensure their model sets them up to thrive for the present and future. However, when the coronavirus became a major global threat, those careful plans had to change in an instant. Time will tell how big of […]

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Microsoft’s Healthcare Bots are on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Once the news of the coronavirus began spreading throughout different countries, the phone lines of medical and healthcare facilities quickly became overwhelmed. However, the more people called, the more healthcare professionals realized they were asking very similar questions that could easily be answered by a virtual assistant. With the number of COVID-19 patients hospitals handle, […]

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Moderna is a Worthy Investment for Many Reasons

Any investor interested in the biotech industry has heard of, or even invested in, Moderna. The company is not yet profitable, but some of the foundational aspects it has lead experts to believe it could be a viable long-term investment opportunity. One of the reasons is because of its robust technology platform that drives innovation […]

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The Impact of Currency Hedging in a Global, Multi-Asset Portfolio

Global investing involves a multitude of factors that impact your portfolio in different ways. One of those factors is currency exposure. Volatile markets can create a significant amount of uncertainty, especially with the global COVID-19 pandemic we are currently experiencing. As an investor who has exposure to various global equities, it’s important to understand currency […]

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How Large Firms Restructure During these Trying Times

With a large amount of uncertainty in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to take a close look at their business model and make quick adjustments. Consumer buying habits have changed rapidly. With no guarantee the markets will return to normal anytime soon, corporate restructuring efforts have been expedited. Investors need […]

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