Stocks related to American infrastructure are moving higher since the $1 trillion bill was passed.  Here are a few we’ve picked out that we’ll be watching closely coming into 2022…


Caterpillar is one of America’s most iconic makers of construction and infrastructure equipment!

Their yellow trucks and machines are famous at almost every construction site across the world. They make just about anything you’d ever need for a major infrastructure overhaul.


John Deere makes tractors and heavy farm equipment, but the company is also a huge producer of equipment that’s used in earthmoving and roadbuilding.

Surely John Deere will be a stock to watch as infrastructure projects start to happen in 2022!

United Rentals

While the previous two infrastructure stocks are makers of fracture equipment, we’re also focused on United Rentals, one of the top equipment rental companies in the United States.

Vulcan Materials

Any upcoming infrastructure project in 2022 is bound to need materials like crushed stone, sand, and gravel. Vulcan Materials provides this as well as asphalt and cement.

Martin Marietta Materials Inc.

This S&P 500 company supplies aggregates and heavy materials to over 26 U.S. states, Canada, and the Caribbean. We will definitely be watching Martin Marietta Materials, Inc coming into 2022!

Eagle Materials Inc.

Eagle Materials Inc. makes building materials out of Dallas, Texas. They provide many infrastructure items such as cement, concrete, construction aggregate, wallboard, paperboard, and sand for fracturing.

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