Marc Andreessen made his first millions off of early internet startups such as Netscape and Opsware, but what made him famous was his venture capital firm.  Andreessen Horowitz turned $300 million into $18 billion over the course of just over 10 years, making it a top firm in the world.

Venture capital is a, “People business.” He claimed in a Bloomberg Wealth interview with David Rubenstein.  Continuing on to say, “A venture capital investment is the closest thing to a marriage that’s not a marriage.”

He tends to seek companies that can become “big, important, franchise companies for a long time.”  He also tends to evaluate the competence and capabilities of both the founders and CEOs when trying to pick winners, which his firm Andressen Horowitz seems to do at about a 50% rate.  

As an angel investor Marc seems to enjoy staying on the edge of innovation while taking a backseat ride with the latest and greatest companies.  It’s a great way to see new things!

What aspects of angel investing are most appealing to you!  Let us know!

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