In addition to reinstating the eligibility of employees and candidates who failed drug tests, Amazon has begun to lobby the US government for nationwide legal marijuana.  Amazon has stated three main reasons for the shift in policy.

1. There are issues with conflicting city and state laws.

-As more and more states legalize and normalize the use of cannabis Amazon has found it difficult to create uniform and sensible screening procedures that can be scaled nationwide.  

2. Pre-employment marijuana screening disproportionately affects people of color.

-According to the ACLU, despite equal usage rates, Black people are over 3 times more likely than white people to be arrested for marijuana.  Amazon hopes to eliminate this barrier to employment Black people often face.

3. Amazon needs to hire more people to keep up.

-Amazon has an insanely high turnover rate.  In order to keep finding new employees, they have to lower their hiring standards.  In 2020 Amazon would lose an average of 3% of its workers per week.

Amazon plans to treat marijuana in the workplace the same way it does alcohol.  Employees will be subject to testing after accidents and ‘spot impairment checks.’  

What do you think about Amazon’s shift in its marijuana policy?  Let us know!

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