The 5G communication revolution has been a hot topic of discussion for a long time and is gaining steam seemingly every day. Investors have jumped on various opportunities over the last several months anticipating the 5G boom, but the truth is there is still a lot of uncertainty as to which investment strategies are the best ones to pursue. The speed of 5G is what consumers are looking forward to, while an investor simply wants to eventually turn a profit. Here are some of the most notable stocks that will likely benefit from the 5G revolution soon.


Qualcomm is at the top of the list when it comes to 5G stocks. One of the most notable reasons why Qualcomm is a great option for an investor is they have already inked a deal with Apple to provide them with the 5G chips to be installed in the new iPhones. The processors in 5G smartphones are also critical components, and Qualcomm is positioned to be an industry leader in that area as well. The price per share is expected to increase steadily over the next couple of years, so now is the time to develop investment strategies to incorporate Qualcomm stocks into your portfolio.


Investment strategies

Nokia is positioned to be a top-performing 5G stock in the upcoming years due to its impressive software offering and end-to-end solutions for 5G customers. One of the concerns experts have with Nokia is its recent leadership change and introducing a new chief executive officer. All indications are Nokia is still on a promising path for success, but it’s always worth monitoring leadership changes closely in every industry.

American Tower

American Tower is a large player in the 5G communications revolution as the company currently has more than 180,000 cell towers globally and is growing. Countries like the United States may slow down when it comes to developing new cell towers, but experts believe other developing countries will pick up the slack. American Tower is a great pick for an investor, as they have consistently increased its dividends over the better part of the past decade. 


You don’t have to have a high level of financial knowledge to know Apple is always a part of discussions regarding technology and innovation. Apple recently released its first 5G iPhone, and as expected, consumer demand has gone through the roof. Any investor interested in joining the 5G communication revolution should have Apple at the top of their list of stocks to invest in. 

While we live in a world today where immediacy is demanded, an investor has to be more patient when investing in 5G stocks. Stock Investing Info is here to help you make the right decisions for your portfolio to give you a better chance of achieving future success. Results should not be expected overnight or even in a couple of years. But with patience, determination, and a large amount of research upfront, you can increase your odds of being rewarded in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas, concerns, or questions about how 5G stocks might fit into your portfolio.

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