With technology constantly advancing, investors often look for the next big thing to invest in. One of the investment strategies that has gained some traction in recent years is with the robotics industry. Robotics has changed the way various fields have operated, including the aerospace industry and the medical industry, and will continue to impact society. As an investor, the stock futures of certain robotics stocks look more promising than others, and we’ve evaluated some of them here.


Investment strategies

Stryker has had some ups-and-downs in recent years, but is still holding steady with a 10-year high in stock prices. Its MAKO robotics solution has assisted medical professionals with surgery and is used primarily in common surgical procedures like knee replacement surgery and hip replacement surgery. The MAKO system has been used in nearly 350,000 surgical procedures, and the positive results have been widely recognized. Those positive results make Stryker a decent option to look at when evaluating portfolio management strategies.


Raytheon is a major player in the aerospace industry and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. What makes Raytheon an attractive option now is the company was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and is still recovering from it. The heavy emphasis on drones and other areas of robotics makes Raytheon a quality portfolio management addition since there’s a lot of confidence the company will recover and be back on top of its industry.

Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical is a household name for any investor who follows robot-assisted surgery devices. The company’s Da Vinci system is the product that put them on top of the market, and it has been used in more than seven million procedures worldwide. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Intuitive Surgical has great financial stability and remains profitable. The stock futures indicate Intuitive Surgical is still an attractive option for investors.


AeroVironment is a profitable and financially-stable company that some experts believe is undervalued. They sell drones and other systems directly to Government entities and has earned a positive reputation over the years. The current price is reasonable for an investor looking at investment strategies in the aerospace and robotics industries and provides a small amount of risk at the same time.


Accuray is a small company that focuses on a critical issue in the world. They develop robotics and machines focused on delivering radiotherapy for cancer patients. One of their most notable products is a machine that treats organs affected by the specific type of cancer a patient has. Accuray isn’t considered to be a household name in the robotics industry by any means, but the company offers plenty of upsides and could be an interesting buy for an investor.

The robotics industry will likely continue advancing and could be the next big thing in the world. As an investor, finding a particular niche you’re interested in can help you decide which sector to invest in. And of course, investing in a stable and profitable company is always ideal. Stock Investing Info is here to help you make sense of the robotics industry, so contact us at any time for advice or portfolio management assistance.

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