The electric vehicle industry has made headlines for the past several months as experts believe it is headed for major growth in the next decade. Tesla is the first company an investor usually thinks of when it comes to electric vehicles, but there are other investment opportunities within the industry as well. A lot of discussions are being conducted now about the batteries made for electric vehicles. Not only will a large volume of batteries need to be made to keep up with the demand, but new technologies will need to be developed to advance the industry even further. These companies are making advances to electric vehicle batteries to sustain industry growth through at least the coming decade.

Tesla’s Major Electric Vehicle Battery Advancements

Investment opportunities

Tesla itself has recently announced it is moving toward making batteries for its electric vehicles in-house. One advancement Tesla is making is the development of cathodes that are manufactured with lithium iron phosphate. The benefit of this development is the batteries are cobalt-free, which can lead to lower manufacturing costs and those cost savings can be passed on to the consumer. These batteries are also expected to have longer lifetimes and higher discharge and charge rates than traditional batteries.

Another development Tesla has in the works is using prism-shaped battery cells rather than the traditional cylindrical shapes. The idea is to be able to put more batteries into the electric vehicle, which would increase the lifetime of the battery. Finally, Tesla’s recent acquisition of Maxwell Technologies will help to use supercapacitors to boost its batteries’ performance and charging capacity.

Hydro-Québec’s Solid-State Batteries

Hydro-Québec is focused on the development of lithium batteries that include a non-flammable and solid electrolyte. The company has a solid reputation in the solid-state battery industry and is looking to build on that reputation by creating safe and effective batteries for electric vehicles that will outperform traditional batteries. Hydro-Québec has recently partnered with Mercedes-Benz to further their developments, so an investor may want to take a close look at the investment opportunities the company offers.

Fast-Charging Batteries From Echion Technologies

Echion Technologies is a startup company out of England that is focused on creating fast-charging batteries. Their newest development is with an anode to be used on high-capacity lithium batteries that allow them to charge in as little as six minutes. With charging speed and battery lifespan being two major concerns people have about electric vehicles, fast-charging batteries like these will only help the electric vehicle market.

Stock Investing Info looks at many different avenues to help clients achieve the financial success they are striving for. The electric vehicle battery industry offers many unique investment opportunities for an investor to take advantage of. We expect to see a lot more about these developments in the next several months, so it’s worth taking a close look at if you have any interest in this industry. We are always willing to talk to you about your specific investment portfolio, so contact us today if you believe the electric vehicle industry may be a good fit.

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