Investment opportunities

Despite the popularity in recent years and the worldwide headlines the industry has been garnering, electric vehicles are still considered a risky play for investors. Tesla has always offered interesting investment opportunities and this does not appear to be changing anytime soon. However, there are plenty of other electric vehicle companies to keep an eye on if you’re looking for financial success in this specific industry. We’ve taken a look at companies with promising stock futures, even if they carry with them a high level of risk at the same time.


The Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio offers unique investment opportunities that have earned the attention of investors in recent years. China still imports the majority of its fossil fuels, so the push for electric vehicles manufactured within the country could pay off in the long-run. Plus, the poor air quality in China is widely known throughout the world and electric vehicles could help combat the issue. One of the things investors need to look closely at with Nio is its optimistic valuations. Now may not be the best time to buy stocks in Nio, but could be an option to look at for the future.


Shares of Nikola doubled in value in the past couple of months when it merged with VectorIQ. Nikola is known for making trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells and pluggable electric vehicles. However, a very important factor to note is they are still in the early phases of development and are currently only taking pre-orders for their electric vehicles. Nikola offers risky investment opportunities at best right now, but shows enough potential to keep a watchful eye on.

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles

Investors with a high risk tolerance may look at ElectraMeccanica Vehicles as an interesting play. It’s a small Canadian company offering some of the most unique electric vehicles developed today. Their electric cars have only a single seat and three wheels and offer a very minimal impact on the environment as a result. The company hasn’t become profitable yet, but could be an investment worth looking at mainly because of the uniqueness of the electric vehicles it manufactures.

Watch The Electric Vehicle Industry Closely As An Investor

While the electric vehicle industry offers plenty of investment opportunities, most of them are only worth monitoring right now rather than jumping in headfirst. With that said, plenty of investors have moved forward and invested in different sectors of the industry to take advantage of the low prices. These companies are suited mainly for people with either a high risk tolerance or who have a strong passion for the electric vehicle industry and want to have a financial interest in the industry as well. 

Stock Investing Info believes you can find financial success in the electric vehicle industry, but it may require patience and plenty of ups-and-downs before reaching that point. Tesla is the biggest player in the electric vehicle industry, but they aren’t the only option. For more information or helpful tips and advice, contact us at any time.

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