The most current 5G technology promotes faster download speeds, less latency and downtime and many other benefits to consumers. It’s expected that 5G technology has only scratched the surface of its potential and will be even more impactful as time goes on. Mobile network providers offer great investment opportunities when you think of 5G technology, but there are plenty of other areas to focus on as well. The 5G ecosystem includes semiconductors, infrastructure and equipment and real estate. We’ve taken a look at certain companies within this ecosystem that provide some of the best investment opportunities.


Semiconductors provide the foundation for all technology, including 5G technology. Qualcomm has been a leader in the semiconductor industry for decades and that hasn’t changed. With the emergence of the Internet of Things being a normal and essential part of everyday life, Qualcomm is set to be a viable portfolio investment for many more years.

Skyworks Solutions

Skyworks Solutions isn’t as well known as Qualcomm in the semiconductor industry, but that’s mainly because of its smaller size. The company focuses mainly on consumer electronics and smartphones, but has built a solid foundation to enter other markets as well. Combine this with a solid balance sheet and Skyworks Solutions may provide several investment opportunities if an investor can take advantage of them at the right time.


Another aspect of 5G technology is the equipment and infrastructure that plays a role behind the scenes. Companies like Corning produce the fiber-optic cables needed for 5G data to travel before getting transformed into a Wifi signal. Telecommunication companies rely heavily on equipment and infrastructure companies to boost their networks, and Corning has been one of the most trusted companies for many years. Corning is an innovative company and has even partnered with Qualcomm to solve specific problems related to 5G technology.

American Tower

When you think of 5G real estate, you should think of the towers and other equipment used to broadcast strong signals. American Tower is a company that stands out in this category, as it runs fiber-optic networks connecting smaller sites to larger networks. Without cell tower sites and other similar buildings, consumers and businesses would not have strong and reliable 5G signals, so companies like American Tower provide great investment opportunities since they will likely always be needed. 

Stock Investing Info helps investors get on the right path to financial success. 5G networks won’t be going away anytime soon and they are seen as essential for businesses and consumers everywhere. Arguably the most fascinating part of 5G networks is all of the behind-the-scenes investment opportunities available to investors. Mobile network providers are the easy investment choices for some people, but the real opportunities may lie with the semiconductor, equipment and infrastructure and real estate industries. If you’re ready to discuss potential 5G stocks to add as a portfolio investment, contact us today and we would be happy to discuss strategies with you.

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