International investments can open up a whole new world of diversification for your investment portfolio. However, it’s important to have a certain level of financial knowledge in the markets you want to invest in. Becoming familiar with the landscape of emerging international markets takes time, but the additional exposure to those economies can make a significant impact on your portfolio management. The four largest emerging markets currently are Brazil, Russia, India and China and are worth taking a close look at for international investors.


One of the biggest reasons why Brazil is considered to be an emerging market is due to its increased production of iron ore in recent years. They are now the second-largest producer of it worldwide and has led to the country producing more ethanol than other Asian and European countries combined. When you take a look back at Brazil’s economic outlook even as little as a decade ago, it would have been difficult to imagine them being in the position of an emerging market.


If your portfolio management involves the oil and gas industry, then consider Russia as an emerging market to look closely at. They are a leader in exporting oil and gas to European countries and they are continuing to grow. The continuous expansion and commodity growth have made them a viable option for people interested in international investment exposure.


India often gets overlooked in many ways, but its farm output has led to it becoming an emerging market and a viable investment option. The economy in India has not been the strongest historically, but that has slowly changed and could be surpassing China as far as promising economies go. An investor looking for a true up-and-coming emerging country for their portfolio management should give India a long look.


Despite China’s economy rapidly growing, investing in the country is considered to be very risky. The population of China could surpass the population of the United States in the near future, which makes it an attractive option to look at. However, with so many controversies and governmental issues, you have to understand the risks of investing in them at the same time.

Investing In Emerging Markets

Before anyone invests in an emerging market, it’s important to become familiar with what has made them have the distinction in the first place. Having a complete understanding of these key factors can provide you with the financial knowledge needed to build a strong international portfolio. Each emerging country is unique and has political, governmental and other issues to navigate as well, so careful consideration is recommended before investing.

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