Every seasoned investor always looks for the best possible investment opportunities to take advantage of. Tech stocks can be hit-or-miss at times, and even some of the most stable companies have their good stretches and tough stretches in the stock market. One of the keys to financial success is knowing when to buy and sell any given stock. These four tech stocks shouldn’t be unfamiliar to any investor, but here’s why they should be looked at closely as we continue battling the coronavirus pandemic.


Facebook stock took a turn downward, just like nearly every other company, when the coronavirus pandemic began. Lost advertisement sales took a big part of their revenue away, but the good news is their engagement rose significantly. Even though Facebook stock declined in recent months, it has rebounded quickly and has remained relatively steady. What investors need to realize is Facebook has more than four times more current and total assets than liabilities, so its long-term investment opportunities remain unchanged.


Believe it or not, Microsoft could be considered a bargain buy in the stock market today. The tech company has been widely regarded as one that could rebound from the coronavirus pandemic quickly and without much damage. It’s still an interesting stock for an investor to keep their eyes on since the rebound has not been as quick as experts predicted, yet Microsoft shares closed at just over $214 per share on July 9, 2020, and the year-to-date numbers are up 31%. This could suggest even bigger things are on the horizon for Microsoft in the coming months.


Google was much slower to rebound from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic than many experts anticipated. It took roughly four months for the tech company to get back to pre-pandemic stock numbers, but they have finally achieved those. Google has made the news recently because of legal battles they are facing that could result in significant fines. While Google does not seem to be bothered by the potential fines they face, the stock market may not agree so it’s something to keep an eye on.


Tesla will always be an interesting stock to watch regardless of how strong or weak economic activity is. Both the stock prices and the valuation of Tesla continue to be astronomical in the eyes of some investment experts. And these numbers come as it is known that Tesla has not made a profit in any year since its existence. This is part of the course for Tesla, though, as it seems like everything about them is different and challenges the norm. It’s going to be a risky investment for the foreseeable future, but could be a lucrative one as well.

Stock Investing Info understands how tech stocks work and passes their expert knowledge to investors to improve their chances of achieving financial success. There will always be ups-and-downs in the stock market, but timing out your moves appropriately can lead to long-term financial gain. If you are interested in tech stocks and have any questions or concerns, contact us at any time for assistance and advice.

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