The COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to many industries, including travel, tourism, leisure and more. However, the technology industry is on the opposite end of the spectrum and has benefited greatly from the pandemic. Certain technologies were expedited to give the healthcare industry a boost, as well as retail, food service and other necessary industries. While many of these technologies were designed specifically to help during the pandemic, some may be great investment opportunities for the future if the trends continue after the pandemic ends. Here are some of the trends with great potential of remaining in the future.

Warehouse And Factory Automation

Global supply chains have plenty of questions nowadays. Countries are looking at relying more on their own country and diversifying supply chains rather than relying on other countries. Warehouse and factory automation is a technology that could see a major rise as a result. With online shopping seeing a big increase, warehouses have had to adjust to meet the demand. The same goes for factories, which have had to maintain high levels of production throughout the crisis. Automated technology is the key to survival in these areas and will be here to stay for a long time.


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity was one of the hottest topics globally. Even though cybersecurity hasn’t received a lot of the headlines in recent months, it’s still a very important sector globally. There are several investment opportunities to consider in cybersecurity, as more technology will be used to prevent data breaches and other forms of cyber attacks. If an investor is looking to add a portfolio investment that will be valuable even after the pandemic, cybersecurity should be a strong consideration.


E-commerce has slowly been on the rise in recent years and COVID-19 may have expedited the rise. Everything from online shopping to other digital payment solutions has become the norm during the pandemic. The longer the pandemic continues, the more these habits will feel natural to consumers and shift overall lifestyles. Many people will continue ordering online rather than visiting stores in-person after the pandemic ends since their views on public health may have been re-shaped in the past several months.

Food Supply Chain Advancements

The food industry has been interesting to monitor throughout the pandemic. It has been difficult for restaurants to achieve financial success when they can only offer curbside or delivery, or only be open for dine-in service at a limited capacity. And on a larger scale, meat-packing plants were some of the hardest-hit locations by COVID-19. Everything from food processing to consumer choices has changed during the pandemic, and people’s habits have likely changed in the process. Technology has aided the food supply chain significantly and should continue being a valuable part of the industry in the future.

Stock Investing Info looks for the best investment opportunities for investors to take advantage of now and in the future. The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked innovative technologies and expedited others. One thing most experts can agree on is these advancements won’t slow down once the pandemic ends. To learn more about potential investment opportunities for your portfolio, contact us today.

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