Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data have been popular buzzwords in recent years. They have been used successfully in plenty of applications, but most experts agree they have not come close to reaching their full capabilities yet. As the world deals with the fight against COVID-19, two of the biggest players globally are with AI and big data. Scientists are working around the clock to determine how AI and big data can be used most effectively for the healthcare industry to keep COVID-19 under control and prevent similar pandemics in the future. As an investor, it’s important to understand what these details and methods entail.

Detecting COVID-19 And Preventing Its Spread

The novel coronavirus spread rapidly throughout the world and went largely undetected for up to several weeks in some countries. More widespread testing is an effective way to detect cases more quickly, but big data and AI can expedite the detection and prevent the spread even more effectively. We’ve already seen signs of how this could work with contact tracing technology and identifying links that connect people who test positive with the people they could have come in contact with while they had the virus. 

Expedited Discovery Of Vaccines And Treatments

The biotech industry has been able to work on potential treatment options and vaccines more quickly due in large part to big data and artificial intelligence. It started with understanding the protein structure within a virus, which typically takes experts a significant amount of time. By using artificial intelligence algorithms, researchers and experts were able to accurately and quickly predict the protein structure of the coronavirus, which allowed the discovery of vaccines and treatments to be expedited.

Technology Used For Sterilizing Surfaces

Automated technology for sterilizing surfaces is already a big part of the fight against COVID-19. Minimizing the risk of humans being exposed to the coronavirus is essential in preventing the spread and disinfecting surfaces regularly plays a big role. Places like hospitals, doctor’s offices and hotels already use robot technology to disinfect areas. This type of technology is interesting for an investor to look closely at since disinfection and sterilization will be hot topics for years to come.

Investment Opportunities In Big Data And AI

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how the world operates, and big data and AI have been at the forefront of it. These are not new technologies by any means, but the applications of those technologies have become more advanced and used more widely as a result of COVID-19. An investor can take note of the applications and consider expert predictions on how those applications will be effective long after COVID-19 is no longer a global pandemic. 

Stock Investing Info works with people having various levels of financial knowledge, but who all want to achieve financial success. There’s a lot to digest as an investor interested in AI and big data relating to the fight against COVID-19. The global situation is likely to be fluid for the next several months, so feel free to contact us to talk about potential investment opportunities for both short-term and long-term financial success

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