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While many companies have suffered throughout the coronavirus pandemic, biotech companies have seen their stock futures rise at times. Investors have to make some interesting investment strategies to navigate the volatility created by the unknown aspects of the pandemic. Nothing is ever guaranteed when it comes to the stock market, but some companies have clearly distinguished themselves from the rest during these difficult times. These biotech companies are currently winning the coronavirus race and should get the attention of investors.


Moderna is experimenting with what could potentially be the highest-performing vaccine for COVID-19. The mRNA-vaccine-based vaccine technology is one of the only non-DNA-based vaccines being tested currently. It is still being experimented with and tested, but Moderna is taking a major stand in innovation and has accelerated development and testing at the same time. The stock futures for Moderna look promising, but it could also be a risky investment if the non-DNA vaccines prove to be more valuable in different ways.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals saw a surge in their stock prices when they announced one of their current drugs for rheumatoid arthritis patients could help patients diagnosed with COVID-19 as well. This drug is called Kevzara and can significantly reduce the severity of the symptoms patients experience due to the reduction in the inflammatory response. While vaccines are in the development and testing phases, pharmaceutical companies like Regeneron Pharmaceuticals are taking charge to help COVID-19 patients recover more easily.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals

Inovio Pharmaceuticals has history on its side when it comes to investor behavior and stock futures. The company quickly worked on vaccine development when COVID-19 cases first began at the beginning of the year. Inovio Pharmaceuticals has worked on vaccines for other coronavirus types in the past with success, so investors are interested to see how impactful they will be with COVID-19. The company has big plans to produce a million doses of a vaccine by the end of 2020, so investors are intrigued by the potential opportunities that could arise.


Novavax isn’t quite winning the race for coronavirus vaccine development, but it could still be valuable for an investor. They began trials for COVID-19 vaccine development much later than other companies, but carry a good enough reputation that they still should be profitable once a vaccine is developed and produced. When making investment decisions, it’s important to remember that the number of people who want a COVID-19 vaccine is incredibly high. So even though Novavax was late to the race, they still provide a valuable investment opportunity.

The first company to roll out widespread COVID-19 vaccines will likely be the overall winner of the coronavirus race. However, this doesn’t mean some of the other current leaders won’t bring great benefits to investors. Watching how these biotech companies perform in recent months will be essential for an investor, and Stock Investing Info is here to help you. Contact us today to learn what to look for and how to make the right investment decisions for your situation.

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