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The public’s opinion about major tech companies isn’t always favorable. Some people may refuse to purchase products from companies like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon for their specific reasons, but the truth is these companies are vital to our daily lives in many ways. This was highlighted significantly once the financial crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic began. As small businesses were crumbling, several large corporations stepped up to help those in need by hiring more people, donating money, providing grants and much more. These actions have, at least temporarily, changed the way the general public views these companies as they are viewed more positively than ever before.

Why Big Tech Companies Experienced Backlash

It’s no secret that companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google are giant. However, they all have their flaws, which are what consumers typically focus on rather than the positives during normal times. Major corporations have the perception of being greedy, wanting to exploit personal data to grow their business, while not giving small businesses the chance to survive in the process. 

Swift And Generous Responses To COVID-19 Have Changed Perceptions

Since the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, these large tech companies have stepped up to the plate in big ways. While Amazon has had its share of controversy, it has been a vital resource for essential goods and supplies during these tough times. Google has ramped up its efforts to assist with COVID-19 testing. Facebook has provided $100 million worth of small business grants. It’s these quick responses during times of need that have slowly changed the public perception of major companies. Any investor in these companies should feel comfortable with their investment as well since positive perceptions could lead to re-built trust with the general public.

Now Is The Time For Major Corporations To Sway Public Opinions

A major fallout of the pandemic is the lack of funding available for entrepreneurs to get their startup off the ground. The result is tech giants are now more attractive employment options for skilled professionals, which provides even better investment opportunities for an investor. However, in the midst of this, major corporations have a great opportunity to show what value they bring to the table globally. Errors and missteps will likely occur in the process, and it’s impossible to please everyone, but public opinion can be swayed temporarily during these times. The question is which tech company will make the biggest impact?

Stock Investing Info is paying close attention to large corporations with plenty of capital during this financial crisis. The trade-off of spending hundreds of millions of dollars for a positive reputation is a win-win situation for these companies and investors alike. While there are some great investment opportunities in small companies during normal times, we are living in anything but normal times right now. Contact us today to see what investment opportunities lie in major tech companies for the short-term and long-term.

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