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Once the news of the coronavirus began spreading throughout different countries, the phone lines of medical and healthcare facilities quickly became overwhelmed. However, the more people called, the more healthcare professionals realized they were asking very similar questions that could easily be answered by a virtual assistant. With the number of COVID-19 patients hospitals handle, having every resource available to help them is critical. Microsoft’s healthcare bots have become instrumental in helping healthcare professionals be more available and take proactive measures. And as an investor, healthcare bots have provided another interesting investment opportunity in the healthcare sector. 

Bot Services Can Free Up Healthcare Professionals

The Microsoft Healthcare Bot service is nothing new and many healthcare organizations already had implemented it before the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the reasons it was designed was to handle the common questions patients have about symptoms to help them decide whether they need to seek medical treatment. These bot services have ramped up significantly since March 2020 and had received nearly 200 million messages in about one month. The demands placed on the healthcare system have been unprecedented, and the Microsoft Healthcare Bot service has been able to relieve some of the pressure.

Real-Time Data Can Help Create Proactive Healthcare Measures

Going forward, healthcare bots may be able to reduce the number of visits patients have to make to medical facilities to keep the spread of COVID-19 down. At the same time, the questionnaire customers answer can be used for real-time data to understand what symptoms patients are experiencing and can potentially get ahead of any serious diseases or illnesses. As more resources like healthcare bots are used in different healthcare organizations worldwide, stronger data and analytics can provide the public with factual information, while still freeing up healthcare professionals to assist current patients.

Healthcare Technology Provides Optimism For Investors

As an investor, the rapid advancement of technology in the healthcare sector is encouraging. Not only have things like healthcare bots been instrumental in helping facilities navigate the COVID-19 pandemic in the most efficient way possible, but they have also opened the doors to additional situations where they could be helpful. If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has created the need for more technology to be used, so the investment opportunity it presents looks very promising as a result.

Stock Investing Info evaluates and analyzes current trends and future projections in many different sectors globally. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are evaluating what sectors have thrived, which ones have failed and which ones have made rapid improvements to be more sustainable for the future. The healthcare sector as a whole has gotten a lot of deserved positive attention for how it has handled the pandemic. If you’re interested in pursuing an investment opportunity in the healthcare sector, but don’t have much financial knowledge in that area, contact us and we can guide you through different areas.

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